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I'm writing a novel, and this are the things I have in mind. They're still not organized but here is it:

Alice and Nigel are both daughter and son of a devil and a human. They are special in a way that they adopted some powers of their devil parents. But they will acquire their entire power if after their death, they choose to be a devil because they are given the chance to live as angel (trapped forever in heaven without seeing their devil parent) or to live as a devil (unlimited freedom, and they can wander on Earth whenever they want). But if they kill someone, they will automatically be a devil after they die.

Alice is the daughter of Asmodeus, devil of lust. She has a power to attract people especially men and make them do whatever she wants…but she choses not to use this power.

Asmodeus was once inloved wih sarah, alice's mother. Sarah married 7 men and all of them was killed by Asmodeus because of his possessiveness to Sarah. On Asmodeus' 7th kill, Sarah lost her mind and committed suicide. Sarah loved all those 7 men including Asmodeus, it is just Asmodeus that is possessive of her even if they are already separated. Her death serves as an eye-opener to Asmodeus. After he killed Sarah's last husband, he stab his legs many times until he can no longer walk. Even if he can heal himself with the use his power, he choses not to because he wants to punish himself. He teaches his daughter to be good so that when Alice dies and goes heaven, she can send Asmodeus' sorry to Sarah. Asmodeus will send Alice to Sarah so he can compensate on all the wrong doings to her.

Nigel is the son of Lucifer/Satan, most powerful among the other devils. Lucifer has two personalities, namely, Lucifer(toned-down evilness, less powerful, he can still feel emotions) and Satan (ruthless evil, no emotions at all, all he wanted to do is kill, more powerful).Nigel also has this personalities that he can turn into. But generally, Nigel is a good guy. He adopted his father's power of igniting fire.

There are 7 devils in this story:
-Lucifer – enlightenment, light bearer, intellectualism, more humane version of Satan but they are one person, just a different personality.
-Satan – devil of wrath, assigned by the task of temptation. Brings out inner evil to people
-mammon – devil of greed, thief, money (the other devils pay him money to send important message to people because mobile phone conversations are not trust-worthy)
-asmodeus – devil of lust
-beelzebub (baal) – devil of Gluttony, lord of flies, sick& weird old man (professor of Nigel)
-belphegor – devil of sloth, beautiful woman, Charlie has a crush on her.
-leviathan –devil of  envy, serpent, rival of Lucifer, he wants to overthrow Lucifer so he pushed one of his child to kill and after that, commit a suicide. He did this so he will have a powerful companion in hell to fight against Lucifer. He is the only devil who has many children that serves as his underground army. He has two child that I will  emphasize on my story: Charlie (good one) and tyler, the one he pushes to kill and commit suicide.

P.S any comments or suggestion?

BTW, these are the last two chapters of it. I started writing on the last chapters, these are just drafts.

Chocolate cake, muffin, candy, wine, champagne, roasted turkey, ambrosia, appetizer, main dish, dessert and all sorts of foods and drinks that you can think of. Name it and it's all in front of me.

I'm sitting flat on the floor together with the foods like I'm having a picnic, an extravagant picnic. I've never seen this much delicious foods in front of me even in Christmas or Thanksgiving day. Oh, I've seen like this on TV when there's a feast and the whole crowd of people are throwing and jumping in a gigantic bowl of foods. These munchies will surely feed the whole city of New York. Everywhere I turn there are pasta, bread, beef, and etc.

I felt dizzy like I am drunk but I know that I'm not. I can't focus my thoughts like I'm being drowned by the overwhelming foods and drinks around me. I tried to close my eyes and calm my self.

"Inhale, exhale & calm down, Nigel," I thought.

And a cold voice whispered to me, "Eat me, Nigel. I know you're hungry."

I opened my eyes and turned around but the only thing I saw is the bunch of foods and the overflowing drinks.

I heard the voice again but this time it's more alluring, "I know you're hungry, Nigel."

I covered my ears but she keeps whispering. I assume that she is a "she" because of her soothingly soft voice like a cold air.

"Why don't you take a bite, Nigel? Just one bite and you're be delighted," she seduced.
"What? Take a bite of what?"
"A bite of chocolate, cake, cookies, of everything. You'll be…delighted."

It took a half second before she said the last word. Maybe for emphasis?

She insists in tempting me with her British accent. Her voice is even more vibrating into my ear like corrupting my thoughts.

I look at the luscious foods around me. On the corner, there's a chocolate bar that is slowly moisturizing and soon its sweetness will be melting on the tip of my tongue. On the other side, there's a fountain of red wine dropping bit by bit like droplets of rain. Soon it will pass my throat, tear my stomach, and intoxicate my mind. All of the foods are tempting me as if they're saying, "Eat me. Eat me…"

Eat me. Eat me. Eat me. All I can think of is to dive into the pool of food lust and clear every bit of taste that they have. There's an adrenaline rush like a lion that is about to catch its prey. My heart is pounding so fast that I can almost feel it my neck. My hands are shivering and sweating like hell. Excitement, lust, orgasm, arousal, I don't know how to describe what I feel. There's a tight feeling in my chest like someone's holding and stopping my heart beat. I knew that I've already felt this before when I kissed Alice but this is too much to control. It consumes my humanity. All I can feel is hunger. It brings out every bit of ferociousness in me that even I did not realize. And I also know that I can no longer contain it and now is the time.

I launch to the pile of foods and swallow everything that I grab like a hungry animal, no sign of humanity. I squeeze the chocolate cake with my bare hands and slap it in my mouth. I want to inhale the sweet fragrance of wine and extract it until it has lost its odor. I like to sip the citrus juice of the orange until its last drop, until it's dry and wrinkled. I want to drain the taste of every food until it's no longer palatable. I won't stop. I want more! More!

Every food tastes like cocaine, addictive and consuming but there's one food that stop me from devouring. On top of the chocolate fountain is a small shiny red object. Even from a far, it looks mouthwatering. I hold the apple in between of my hands like I'm holding the most precious thing on earth. I rubbed my thumb to its smooth flesh. I've never seen such perfect fruit like an apple. Alluring.

I gently pressed it in my cheek and felt its flawless texture then I rubbed it in my hands like wishing in a magic lamp. On its skin, I saw a reflection of a boy with an untidy hairdo. His large gray eyes are restless, momentarily looking to the sides. This poor boy is neurotic.

I bite the apple. It's taste is divine. Its juice is oozing in the corner of my mouth. Every bite there's a sound of crisp from it. My heart is restless again, blood rushing in and out of it. Neurosis dilutes my nerves. I want more! More! The taste of other foods are nothing compare to the sweetness of this delightful fruit.

"More! More! I want more!" I grunted.

I eat the apple as id I've never eaten for a decade. Still, I want more! Then, a monstrous chuckle echoed. It's bloodcurling like it's from some sort of devil.  Wait, I'm a half devil. I never imagined that I could make that sound.

Never mind that chuckle. I turned to my beloved last bite of apple. It's just an inch before it lands in my mouth when someone taps me in the shoulder.

I saw a pair of big blue eyes staring at me. Is she afraid? Shocked? Maybe both. And from the same blue eyes a drop of tear came out. It slowly pour down into her freckled stained cheek, to the corner of her lips, down to her chin, and into my hands.

"Alice?" I mouthed.

I am walking on my way to Nigel's in a nasty and dark street when I saw something strange.

From a far, I see two human figures – a man and a teenage boy, I assume. The old guy is lying flat on the ground yet he's conscious while the teenage boy is kneeling beside him. The one that is closer to me, the boy, is wearing a navy blue wrinkled shirt and a pair of jeans. I can't figure out who he is because he turned his back on me. The man on the ground is wearing a brown leather jacket and black jeans. I think he's in middle age because most of his hair is almost gray.

I walk a little closer to them but I don't think they can see me from here in the pile of trash.  The young man in shirt is getting something from the old man's pocket – perhaps, that's what I see. He hold the old man's ankle not to tightly but also not to loose. They're talking but I can't hear what they are talking about. Okay, they're just talking but I know that there's something strange about these two people.

I stayed there for another minute, the old man is still talking to his companion, like he's pleading. But the young boy is just staring blankly at him all the time since I saw them. Is he a freak? He's there but I think his soul is making astral travel or something. Oh, the boy is no longer having an astral travel he's now speaking to some sort of invisible creature. So much for eavesdropping to these weirdoes

I' already a yard away from them when I heard a scream and I automatically run from where they were. This following scenario was the weirdest thing I've seen in my existence. I saw the young guy licking or whatever it is that he is doing to the old man's stomach.

"For God's sake," I gasped.

I don't swear except when the situation is unbelievable or something like this, disgusting. Why they're doing this in this nasty place? In the middle of garbage bags with rodents and cockroaches, come on!

"He-help!!" the old man screamed with his crackling voice.

I took a step closer and before my foot landed on the ground, the young boy turned and spit blood on his side. I don't think he had seen me but I had a glimpse of his face before he turned his back again from me. What is more alarming is there's blood all over his face especially in his mouth. He keeps on licking (or whatever it is) the old man's stomach. Why is there blood? I don't get it. I was really astounded by this situation that I can no longer move a muscle.

The old man cried so loud but I don't think someone can hear him in this time in the middle of the night but I also doubt that someone can see him at this dark place except of course with someone with a natural night vision like me.

Being a doubtful one doesn't mean being fearless, I am also frightened by this situation. I don't know what to do. Oh, my. I stepped on an empty bottled water and its sound echoed to the whole place.

The old man turned to me as if he can see me in this kind of darkness, "Please. Hhe-help me."

He's catching his breath yet I can still remember whose voice is that. I recognize whose face is that even though it is almost lifeless and the only thing that make it alive is the tears from Ricardo's eyes.

I thought I'm having a heart attack. I can't breathe and my knees are starting to weaken. I grab a rusty pole just beside me to maintain my balance but that does not help. I fell on my knees on the pile of plastics and rotten fruits. I can't believe this is happening. The young boy wasn't licking at Ricardo's stomach, he's eating his stomach. He's devouring Ricardo.

My jaws locked in shock. I want to scream for help but there's no sound coming out of my mouth. I want to runt but my body stiffened as if someone's pulling me towards the ground.

I am afraid. I am afraid of the monster consuming Ricardo. He's squeezing Ricardo's organs. He's sipping his blood out until he is already dried. He's inhaling his soul until nothing is left to him. He's draining Ricardo's life.

This animal won't stop until his prey is just a hollow body with no organs and intestines.

I struggled to crawl towards them even though I know that it's already over. I am so closed to them but the monster is still busy to his victim to notice me.

He put his hands to Ricardo's chest and reaped out his heart. The blood splashed out the monster's face but that does not bother him. It pumped slightly and stopped – probably, stopped forever. He hold the bloody heart in between his hands like he's holding the most precious thing on earth. He rubbed his thumb to its surface. Then, he gently pressed the organ in his cheek like a precious baby. He paused and look to Ricardo's heart as if seeing something else. He stayed like a statue for a second then he mobilized again.

He took a bite of the organ and the remaining blood from it oozes in the corner of his mouth. A sly smile curled into his lips as he ate every piece of Ricardo.

"More! More! I want more!" he grunted then a monstrous chuckle echoed.

He seems to enjoy what he's doing. It is the most frightening side of him that I've seen from him and also, the side of him that I won't ever dare to see. I want to save this monster. In spite of whom he is, I still feel that there's still goodness in a fallen angel like him, fallen angel like us.

Before he consumes his last bite of sin, I tried to save him. I tap his shoulder and he turned around. I saw a pair of gray eyes but not the gray eyes that used to stare at me with concern, instead gray eyes with a touch of evil. As soon as his eyes meet mine, the mark of darkness is slowly washed out. Tears run down my eyes, pouring to my freckled cheek, to the corner of my lips, down to my chin, and to his hand.

"Alice?" Nigel mouthed.


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